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If you have submental fat stored in that pocket under your chin, then we have the perfect treatment for you! Meet Kybella, the first FDA-approved injectable designed to improve the appearance of submental fat beneath the chin and treat other areas of the body.

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The Treatment

Deoxycholic acid is a molecule naturally produced by your body and aids in absorbing fat cells. During the consultation, we’ll determine if you’re an excellent candidate for Kybella. When the injectable is administered beneath the chin, it destroys fat cells permanently, resulting in a visible reduction of fat. Once destroyed, these fat cells can’t accumulate fat, and further treatments aren’t necessary. We recommend a minimum of two and up to six treatments. Patients get a 25% to 35% reduction of submental fat beneath the chin


Kybella is a version of deoxycholic acid, an enzyme that occurs naturally in your body. It helps us absorb and break down fat cells that develop over time.

When injected by an experienced professional, Kybella can permanently dissolve fat cells. Your double chin should be banished for life unless you gain weight. Most patients notice visible results 3-4 weeks after their Kybella injections.

Typically, 1-3 treatments depending on the amount of fat in the area we’re treating. Kybella appointments are spaced four weeks apart.

You will experience severe swelling in the treated area for 24-72 hours, but you can return to your daily activities as usual. Some patients may feel a slight burning sensation in the following days as the Kybella works to dissolve fat cells.

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