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PDO Threads

Suture material, either smooth, barbed, or coiled, is inserted just under the body’s skin or face to lift lax and sagging skin. These threads are also valuable for creating neocollagenesis and improving skin elasticity in the long term. After the age of 30, the average collagen production of the body dramatically diminishes and requires a boost not to become dormant. Just as a muscle can atrophy if not used, so can our average body collagen production shut down if not stimulated. Because the body naturally absorbs the threads, maintenance requires yearly treatments. 

The advantages of this treatment include:

The Treatment

PDO Threads

90 minutes

At Medical Beauty and Weight Loss, all treatments are patient-directed, and we’ll customize your procedure to suit your skin condition. We choose from threaded and smooth threads. The smooth, barbed, or coiled threads are for collagen production, and the threaded versions are for lifting the skin. PDO thread lifts are the safest to use and cause no allergic reactions. These nontoxic threads have been used in medicine and cosmetic surgery for thirty years. Your body metabolizes these threads six to twelve months after the procedure. They’re available in several sizes and forms. This allows for maximum customization for your condition.


The treated areas include the upper, lower, or midface, neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs.

The complete improvements to skin firmness and rejuvenation can be seen three to four weeks after the procedure. The targeted area becomes renewed during these weeks, and collagen is produced. This results in a youthful glow and tightening of the skin.

The treated area entirely absorbs PDO Threads six months after treatment.

Yes. You may get bruising, swelling, skin puckering, orange peel-like skin texture, or mild irritation.

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