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Dr. H. J. Kojian, MD • Alicia Iglesias, PA
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We are a practice that values our clients and their goals. Our idea is to enhance your natural beauty and bring your best. Aging is a journey, and we are here to help you do so gracefully. Every treatment provided in our clinic is specifically personalized as no two people are alike. Embrace who you are and walk out with confidence after sitting with one of our medical professionals.

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NEUROTOXINS | Medical Beauty and Weight Loss | Chino, CA
Facial Treatments and More | Medical Beauty and Weight Loss | Chino, CA

Rejuvenate your skin with our signature Plasma Facial. Designed to stimulate collagen, a Plasma Facial creates more youthful skin and helps patients achieve anti-aging results. Keep your skin looking amazing with our curated selection of medical-grade and Rx-strength beauty products that are more effective than what you find at department stores and retailers.

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